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-George H. Stein, CFA, 

Managing Director

Commodity Talent LLC, an advisory executive search consultancy based in New York, provides:

Thorough searches for key commodity professionals to bolster clients' strategy.

Personal attention and counseling for top talent seeking the best platform.

Competitive intelligence for clients on trends, strategy, new markets development.

Expert Witness Testimony

Fund Startup services

Outplacement services for clients seeking to help valued staff in downsizings.

Broad contacts on Wall Street, hedge funds, private equity firms, merchant traders, prop shops, industry.

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The Virus Hasn't Slowed Us Down!

Commodity Talent LLC, a global executive search focusing on commodity roles across markets, strategies, front-to-middle-back offices, celebrated its eleventh birthday in January, 2020. It’s never been dull – and the past 11 years has been an unparalleled opportunity to learn and meet an endless parade of bright, enterprising people dedicated to ever-changing markets and unceasing efforts to stay one step ahead. 

So, we would like to give back, in broad strokes, some of the most important lessons we have gleaned dealing with more than 1,000 candidates, more than 100 clients over the years. Most of the thinking in three brief White Papers, published in succeeding days, is common sense and likely all or some of these thoughts have occurred to our readers. But perhaps it will be useful to see it laid out. We hope so!

And, of course, we are available for individual consultations.

Active Clients this year: Hedge Funds (8) -- AUM - $30+Bln - $200 Mln, Top Commodity Merchant Trading Firms (5), Marquee Private Equity Funds (5), Midstream Oil (2), Brand-Name Oil Distribution, Wall Street Bulge Bracket Investment Banks (4), US Prop Shops (3), International Coffee Trading Firm, International Grains -Oilseeds Trading Firm, Futures Brokerages (4), Metals Trading Firm, High-Frequency Commodity Firms (2), Major International Oil Companies (3).

Active Clients last year: Top Commodity Merchant Trading Firms (5), Marquee Hedge Funds (4), Commodity Hedge Funds (3), Marquee Private Equity Funds (2), ABCD Agribusiness Company, Midstream Oil (2), Brand-Name Oil Distribution, Wall Street Bulge Bracket investment Banks (4), MidEast Investment Bank, US Prop Shops (3), International Coffee Trading Firm, International Grains/Oilseeds Trading Firm, International Futures Brokerage (2), Mint Coinage Firm.

Recent Roles: Commodity Portfolio Managers (Base Metals, Precious Metals, Distillates, US Power), Systematic Portfolio Managers (Commodities, Cross-Asset Classes), Senior Commodity Managing Director for Client Relations, Commodity Market RIsk Officers, Metals/Mining Finance - Structurer, Power Compliance, Global Energy Traders (Three Teams), European Power & Gas Trader, Coal Trading Team, US Upstream Private Equity Team, Midstream Oil Market Risk (Director & Senior Analyst), Commodity Structurer, Quantitative Commodity Strategist, Structured Commodity Finance, Physical Oil Traders (Senior & Junior), Senior Oil Markets Strategist, Base Metals Prop Trader, Base Metals Sales & Origination Vice President, Precious Metals Sales Trader, US Power Prop Traders (Term, FTR, Virtual, UTC & ICE), Prop Futures Traders, Prop Options Traders, C++ Developer, Commodity Trade Finance Attorney, Commodity Trade Finance Operations Manager, Head Ags Trader, Oilseeds Export Trader,s (US & Latam), Clean Products Schedulers, NGL Sales Traders,  LNG Traders, Softs Markets Strategist, Grains Merchandisers, Specialty & Green Coffee Business Development Sales Traders, Logistics/Operations Manager, Fuel Oil Traders.  
Integrity, discretion, market knowledge, strategy  

-Commodity Talent LLC

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