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Trade Risk Analysts for International Oil Major (Senior & Junior) Senior Analyst will work with the Risk team on compliance, credit, and general risk management duties. Management of the credit risk for the US trading portfolio, expected to interact with cross-functional teams, including trading, operations, and finance to deliver support on day-to-day activities. The successful candidate will have a passion for learning; highly analytical and motivated; a team player; self-starter; and attention to detail. 8-10 years' experience in credit finance department within banking, energy or commodity trading industry. Junior Analyst: 0-3 years of experience in credit finance department within banking, energy or commodity trading industry. Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting, Business, or related degree. Working knowledge of commodity markets, trading concepts and risk metrics are preferred. Responsibilities include identify, analyze, and monitor financial risk of commodity portfolio, focusing on market, liquidity, and credit risks. Negotiate credit provisions for commodity trade agreements and ensure compliance with industry and company standards. the financial strength of counterparties, recommend risk limits according to each counterparty’s credit worthiness and obtain appropriate approval. Location Houston. Senior base comp range $130-$140Km with discretionary bonus possible 15-20% of base.

Commodity Risk Analyst for Top Tier Hedge Fund.The role is accountable for providing deep understanding of commodity risk controls through the delivery of value-added analysis and reporting. Work monitors, estimates and forecasts real-time risks across billions in AUM allocated to multiple portfolio managers trading different commodity sectors and utilizing a wide range of non-correlated strategies. Solid quant and coding skills required; Python experience preferred. Ability to work with large and disparate data sets, extracting clear assessments. Model building and excellent communication skills a must. Seeking energetic candidates. BA/MBA in finance, engineering, quantitative subjects, plus 1-year commodity market experience required. Comp range $75k-$125K, plus bonus.

Oil Risk Analysts (2 Jr, 1 Snr) for International Trading Firm with Path to Trading.The role is accountable for providing deep understanding of risk controls through the delivery of value-added analysis and reporting. Work with traders - ops - finance to book trades and estimate the risks associated with the transactions before and after deal execution based on market and internal information.  Coordinate the creation of valuation methodologies for physical exposures for use in daily mark-to-market (MTM) valuation in daily PL leveraging experience in physical market and communication with traders. For options book utilize options theory for valuation/position/P&L reporting.     Economics and valuation of products based on the technical specifications and blending operations by understanding chemical compositions. Coordinate month end reported profit/loss process with accounting group to ensure valuation methodologies conform to international accounting standards (IAS). Maintain an organized book structure and execute hedges for the physical and derivative trades in a high pressure environment. Seeking energetic candidates eager to dive into oil trading, with good math prowess, as communication skills. BA plus 1-year energy market experience up to seasoned professional. Engineering degree, any investment banking experience welcome. NY/Houston. MS Office, VBA a plus. Comp range $75k-$130k for jnrs. $150k for snr, plus bonus. 

Business Development Analysts for Expanding Powerhouse Law Firm. Strong candidates will have several years experience digging into sectors ripe for litigation, including knowledge of credit and debt, regulations and government policy, financial services, energy, natural resources, crypto-currencies and blockchain. They will be charged not only with identifying markets with high litigation potential but also specific companies, organizations and individuals/classes as likely clients. Strong candidates will have excellent writing and presentation skills, numerate competence and basic knowledge of legal principles. Background may include equity research, credit rating agencies, consulting, investment banking, government agencies, industry associations, non-governmental organizations. Strong academics, pedigreed job experiences, CFA all strong pluses. Location: New York. Salary range $75-$150K depending on experience.
Clean Products Trader for Major Oil Company. Strong candidates will have 5+ years industry experience with 2 years trading both physical clean products and financial commodities in the domestic and international trading markets. Physical products include gasoline, diesel, heating oil, renewable fuels and RINS.  Physical trading activity, both spot and term, is in pursuit of both optimal system supply and trading profits.  A professional who develops trading strategies, initiates and manages physical and financial positions for profit, focuses on supply portfolio, manages price exposure for system and trading positions and proposes relevant risk management and hedging strategies.  Accountable for optimization of supply for retail system requirements and for book trading positions profit/loss. Texas, Mid-Atlantic

Hedge Fund Systematic PM    Math, Hard Science PhD for Hedge Fund. The client, an established multistrat hedge fund, is seeking an exceptional individual to research and develop automated trading ideas using predictive analytics on multiple markets, including commodities, futures, equities, options and FX. PhD required including recent degree in math, statistics, physics, engineering, chemistry, bioinformatics. Proficiency in statistics, statistical learning, artificial intelligence, data mining required. Market knowledge a plus. Expert in Python (preferred), R, Matlab, C++, JAVA or any other OOP. Entrepreneurial mindset. team spirit. 
Minor Metals/Manganese/Chrome Trader. The client, an established intnernational metals trading firm, is seeking a physical trader of minor metals, including managanese and chrome, from junior to senior. Preferred candidates will have experience trading one or more of the minor metals and should have broad contacts among buyers and sellers. They will take over existing clients but should be able to expand the book. Competitive compensation include a percent of net revenue. Location flexible for senior rpofessionals able to work indepedently. 
EMEA Energy Sales & Origination Director. The client, a major international bank, is seeking an experienced sales & origination professional to director level to drive business to trading desks.  
Heavyhitter Prop Northam Gas Basis Trader. The client, a marquee hedge fund, is seeking a top Northam prop gas basis trader to trade $100+ million. Candidates must have several years' verifiable track record at pedigreed platforms. Lucrative terms.   

Oil Logistics Specilaist. The client, a major Northam integrated oil company, is seeking oil logistics professionals with pipeline scheduling experience. Strong candidates will have 3+ years in the role. The individual will have a sophisticated and detailed knowledge of logistics related to refineries, pipelines, storage, blending. He or she must be able to work with traders, refinery and risk professionals and commercial managersCompetitive compensation.

Commodity Niche PMs for Multi-Strat Fund: Have you built a better mousetrap? Do you hunt off the beaten track? The client, an established commodity asset manager, is building a multi-strat fund that will fill a gap left by the giants that hunt in major markets populated by hordes of PMs deploying well-wrought but standard strategies. Not their type at all. Instead, quirky PMs with niche markets and/or strategies are welcome. Pedigree important but results are paramount. Show us what you got!
International Oil Company seeks Northam Crude Pipeline Trader, Northam Crude Pipeline Scheduler, Demurrage Analyst. The client, an international oil company, is seeking to boost its physical crude trading team in Houston. Team move possible. 
Ags Desk Quant Strategist/Trader for Bulge Bracket. The client, a Wall Street Bulge Bracket investment bank with an expanding commodity unit, is seeking to add firepower to its ags desk at the associate or vice president level. Programing (Python or R) proficiency required for role that combines large dataset analysis programing and the opportunity to trade (secondary to research type). Trading would be prop and some client. Candidates welcome with systematic trading background or quant strategy who are interested/have experience in overlaying with fundamental analysis. Ags and tradehouse background a plus.  
Heavyhitter Prop Power, Distillates PMs for Major Hedge Fund: The client, a well-known hedge fund, is seeking PMs with successful, sizeable and verifable track records at pedigreed firms. Candidates must have proven ability to work independently of the infrastructure and informational flow at a large organization. Fixed percentage of PnL. Location flexible.
FTR Prop Trader for Fund. Candidates welcome with successful record prop trading FTRs. Experience in PJM, MISO a plus but other regions welcome.
Hedge Fund Commodity Research Analyst adept at fundamental research across multiple commodity sectors for absolute-return commodities macro fund. Candidates should be skilled at supply-demand model building, able to formulate and integrate signals for arbitrage opportunities, as well as other relevant quantitative skills and sector-specific knowledge. Base comp range $100,000-$125,000, with discretionary bonus.
Hedge Fund Commodity Systematic Trader for absolute-return fund. Must have demonstrated ability to formulate and build profitable and original algorithmic trading systems that may include high-frequency/low-latency trades, incorporate social media signals and technical analysis, as well as other methodologies. Exceptional quantitative skills required. Seeking “rising stars” -- demonstrated outstanding academic and/or professional accomplishments with 3-5 years’ experience at pedigreed firms. They must be able to work within a team, have an entrepreneurial spirit, an inquiring mind, steadiness of character and sterling integrity. Base comp range: $100,000-$200,000. Bonus: 7-8% of personal book, plus discretionary bonus based on trader contribution to the overall firm and the results of the firm as a whole.
Hedge Fund Fixed Income, Equity, Currency Trader for absolute-return fund. Must have demonstrated and verifiable profitable track record. Skills and background should include use of S/D research and models, technical analysis, systematic trading. Seeking “rising stars” -- demonstrated outstanding academic and/or professional accomplishments with 3-5 years’ experience at pedigreed firms. They must be able to work within a team, have an entrepreneurial spirit, an inquiring mind, steadiness of character and sterling integrity. Base comp range: $100,000-$200,000. Bonus: 7-8% of personal book, plus discretionary bonus based on trader contribution to the overall firm and the results of the firm as a whole.  
Coffee Sales Traders for Import Houses seeking US expansion. Seeking seasoned business development professionals with 8+ years selling to mid-size and up roasters. Competitive compensation based on performance.
Break Into Commodities – Commodity Trade Accountant: Junior. In what could be a career-starting role, the client, an expanding physical metals trading firm, is seeking recent college graduates with 1-3 years accounting experience to assist controller with bookkeeping, accounts payable/receivable, trade books, quarterly reports. Must know Quickbooks. Compensation: $45,000-$60,000.
European Prop Crude Oil Athletes for Merchant House: The client, a well-known merchant trading firm, is seeking European Crude Oil Traders with superior track records at pedigreed firms. Pan-Europe as well as NWE and Med focus welcome. Candidates preferred from oil majors, investment banks, merchants, funds. Small teams OK. London.
Commodity Brokers – Solos or Teams: The client, a well-known broker, is seeking to build its commodity markets brokerage. Brokers or teams welcome with solid track records and portable books. New York.
Rising Star for Merchant Trader -- European Energy Trader (Gas, Power, Coal): The client, a well-known merchant trading firm, is seeking a European Energy trader and/or analyst. Preferred candidates will have quantitative skills, understand physical markets and 3-6 years experience trading or strategizing multiple geographic and commodity markets involving European power, gas and coal. Profitable prop experience either as trader or strategist required. Candidates welcome from hedge funds, merchant trading firms, banks, prop shops, utilities, energy companies. Strong candidates will be self-starters able to work well in teams, with excellent communication skills internally and externally. More experienced candidates considered. London.